Classic Car Games (Seasonal and On-going edition)

Christmas Light Game Like most major sports, the Christmas Light Game is seasonal, with preseason starting the week before Thanksgiving and post-season play winding down right around New Year’s. Teams are chosen based on who is sitting in what seat, divided along the right and left-hand sides of the car. If someone is seated in the middle seat, he or she may fill in for the driver as it can be difficult to spot Christmas lights while staying in one’s lane and under the speed limit. The competition continues until the end of the car arrives at its final destination, with Team Left and Team Right counting the total number of lit decorations on their respective sides out loud over the course of the trip. A particular set of lights cannot be counted more than once or for more than one team, even if the car gets lost and has to turn around. Christmas trees and menorahs clearly visible through a home’s window may also count towards the grand total. Helpful hint: Use pit stops and bathroom breaks strategically, or just give flat-out wrong directions, forcing the driver to turn left or right as a large number of lights approach.License Plate Game The license plate game is much more of a marathon than a sprint, with the final goal to account for all 50 individual license plates on the road in the United States. Some players may compete against each other or work together in a collaborative effort. The game does not start or stop according to each individual road trip, played continuously over the course of a car riding career until the 50 finish line is reached. Consider writing out or printing off a checklist and keeping it in your wallet or close by, so as to not shortchange yourself in your meticulously observant efforts. Helpful Hint: Spread out your college visits The University of Hawaii at Manoa has very strong programs for Pacific Studies, Astronomy, East Asian Languages/Lit, Asian Studies, Comparative Philosophy, Second Language Studies and Marine Science, if any of those pique your interest.

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